Birthday Wishes For Toddler

By | January 28, 2020


This is a very exciting time for everyone especially for the parents whose Searching Birthday Wishes For Toddler has the first birthday in His Life. They can be celebrated their birthday in that way that it could be memorable for them and for their Child. They brought the cake for Toddler but they are not able to cut this cake they just watched everyone surprisingly and could not say anything to anyone.

How to celebrate Birthdays for a toddler?

Nothing quite as sweet and touching as the expression on a Toddler’s face no matter how young or old .when they open a card that includes Birthday Wishes For Toddler & birthday message written just for Toddler’s.

Their parents can celebrate their first birthday in a very unique way. The following given celebrations are given below.

Birthday Celebration

They hang up their snaps in the background as that they could be the most memorable birthdays for their toddlers. From the day first, they have taking pictures of their toddler and till their first birthday, their parents have captured their picture which they think could be a memorable picture for us. Like when their toddler taking the first step and their parents took their picture.

They invited the guest to celebrate their toddler birthday with them. On this day they have the special feast for their dinner. Special types of dishes can be made for the guest which they have been eating and enjoying this meal.

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Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

Birthday gifts for Toddlers?

The main part of the birthday is now coming which is the cake cutting ceremony and gift ceremony. Toddler does not have the sense that what type of gift they have been taken from the guest so they received the very interesting gifts from the guest that is someone has gifted them a baby chair, some gifted them a baby bike, some guest given them the cash money that they don’t have the idea what they should buy for them.  Their parents arrange games for the children who had been come to the birthday party. Like musical chair game, hide and seek game and much more game like this.

Birthday background Music?

Happy Birthday, Background Music has a unique role in the parties. On the birthday you just played the birthday song, not the sad song had been played in the parties. Birthday music is always been have a good sound for everyone. The people really enjoyed this music on a birthday. Some people also sing background music and the same some have also hired the singer for this memorable event.

80+ Birthday Wishes For Toddler

I wish you an amazing birthday filled with hugs, kisses and plenty of love and happiness.

Happy birthday to the smartest and strongest boy I know. You are an amazing kid filled with talent and creativity. Enjoy your special day kiddo.

My child you are growing up so quickly, but no matter how old you get you will always be my baby. Enjoy your day and live every moment to the fullest.

I am so lucky to have you for my child. You are so loving and caring and I am honored to be planning your birthday and show you how loved you are.

Happy birthday to my darling child, No one could be as proud of you as I am. You are my pride and joy and deserve all the happiness in the world. Enjoy your birthday my special child.

Happy birthday to our little shining star. You are turning into a beautiful young lady with a heart full of love. We are proud to be your parents and you deserve to have a special day dedicated to you.

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

My beautiful child, we pray all your dreams come true and you realize how lucky you are to be surrounded by everyone who loves you. Happy Birthday!

In so many ways you are special and bright, we want you to know that you truly brighten the lives of so many people who surround you. We all want you to have the best birthday ever.

The day you were born changed the lives of so many people. Every year we all get together and celebrate the day you entered into our world. Happy birthday child and have a birthday filled with fun!

Today we will celebrate your birthday by having a huge party just for you. We hope you enjoy your day, and appreciate all the food, gifts, cake and people who will surround you on your special day.

Today is the day where nothing else matters except for your happiness. Happy birthday to my little rock star.

Today is your birthday and everyone will be telling you how awesome and amazing you are. Everyone will be telling the truth but we love and appreciate you more than anyone else could. Happy birthday to my one and only child!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

Happy Birthday to the happiest kid I know. I’m wishing you an awesome day that you will never forget.

May all your dreams and wishes come true on your birthday. We hope you have a day that is happy and blessed.

My darling child I love watching you grow but it seems as if time is flying by too quickly. Please enjoy your childhood and everything that goes with it because before we know it you will be a teenager. I love you my precious child, happy birthday!

We hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful party. Enjoy all that life has to give.

I wish you a happy birthday along with many years of happiness and love. May you reach all your goals and dreams.

Another year has passed and you are not only older but also smarter and much cooler. Have an awesome day and an amazing year!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

You are growing up to be a fine young man. While you continue to grow older, make the most of every year and celebrate your birthday to its fullest.

Being around a kid is being reminded about the innocence of childhood. You are such a happy and loving child which makes me happy to be in your presence. My hope for you is a continued lifetime of pure satisfaction and joy. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little princess. Being around you makes my life a little brighter. I appreciate all you do to add that spark in my life.

Happy birthday to my little man who always pulls funny pranks on me. You are mischievous and funny but I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. You are the love of my life and you deserve the best of everything.

Happy Birthday to my child, I will always be here for you when you need me by your side. Enjoy your day and always remember how much I love you.

You are the reason why mommy and daddy so work hard. Seeing your sweet smile chases our exhaustion away. Happy bday baby!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

Every day, you never cease to amaze me! You hold so many wonders that I could never imagine having in my life. You gave my life more meaning! Wonderful birthday (name of your kid)!

Such an amazing child like you holds so much promise. You are a loving, kind and patient son/daughter to your parents. Looking forward to seeing you reach every milestone of your life. Stay sweet. Best birthday kiddo!

Today, you can eat as much cake, drink as much soda and play as many games as you want. It is your special day after all! Wonderful Bday!

God has blessed your parents with such a sweet child like you! Never stop showering them with hugs and kisses; it eases away their stress. Best bday!

Play around as much as you can! Sing along loudly to songs you love at the top of your lungs! Dance to your favorite music until your legs hurt! Enjoy the time of your life as a kid with boundless energy. Best bday kiddo!

I am proud to have you as my son/daughter. No one could wake me up in the middle of the night or annoy the wits out of me, but still manages to make me smile after all that. You are my precious gift from God, after all. Wonderful bday my baby!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

You are allowed, only today, to skip your homework and play with your friends all day long. Happy birthday kiddo! Have fun!

Your bright personality will drive away the blues, Your sweet smile will fill hearts with joy, And your loving heart will turn a bad day around. Happy birthday!

Whatever you dream of becoming, may it be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer, nothing is impossible with such a smart like you. Keep on striving with every aspect of your life! Best birthday!

Dream high! Reach for the heavens and ride away in the constellation of your dreams! Wonderful birthday!

The day you came into my life, you painted my world with so many beautiful colors. You decorated it red with love, yellow with happiness, green with wealth and blue with hope. I love you so much! Happy bday!

Blow the candles and whisper a prayer. The angels will guard you forever. Be a good child and love your family, this will lead you to a beautiful journey. Carry God in your heart in every way, and I am sure you will not lose sight. Happy bday!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

Happy birthday, you sweet young thang! I hope your birthday is unbelievably amazing!

You have given so much light and hope to the lives of your family. I know you will make them happy and proud of a loving child that you are. Wonderful birthday Kiddo!

Many changes will sweep in your life, but one thing will never change. You will always be my little angel. Happy birthday, sweetie!

When you came into my life, I become a better person. I never knew that I have the capacity for great love. You are the greatest gift that life has ever given me. I love you, sweetie. Best birthday my little angel!

The things I do are for you to become a better person. At times, I scold you and I don’t allow you to do things you want like staying up late or eating too much of that ice cream. You will someday understand why. Wonderful bday sweetie!

Olaf said, “Find someone worth melting for.” And that someone is you, my little angel. Best bday!

You, my angel, are the most beautiful blessing that ever happened in my life. You made me want to strive for the best and to keep going on in spite of all the hardships of life. Best bday!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

Ride the train that leads to your dreams. Wear your heart in your sleeves. Brave forth the fiery challenges of life. There is nothing that you can’t do! Believe! It is the key to making your wish a reality! Wonderful bday Kiddo!

A day filled with chocolate fondue and marshmallows, Ice cream of different flavors, Your favorite barbeque rolling in the grill, And a cake as tall as you! This is your birthday day after all!

The sweetest things in life are not jewelry, a brand new house or any of the things that money can buy. It is having a sweet child like you! Happy birthday!

I have seen you when you were a baby and now, you are a bright child, full of energy! I can’t wait to see you grow up and travel your way to success! Best birthday Kiddo!

May you rise against the odds like Simba did, use your wisdom and knowledge to help others like Hiro Hamada did and know how to have crazy fun like Jack Frost did! Wonderful birthday!

May you have a strong and warm heart like Princess Anna, the courage to find out who she really is like Rapunzel and the persistence to reach for her dreams like Tiana. Happy bday my sweet princess!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

As you celebrate your special day, I celebrate you! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Love!

At times, you drove me mad and drain my patience. But your naughtiness is part of being a child. I know that this particular challenge is worth fighting for, as long as it is you! Happy birthday Sweetie!

It is your day, baby! Have so much fun today! Play, laugh, and cry. Experience the joys of life! Happy bday!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
birthday wishes for toddler

How can I deserve such a cute and smart baby? Wishing you an abundance of sunshine, and a brimful of blessings to come! Happy birthday baby!

Watching you grow up before me is the most glorious privilege I have received from God. The magic you have brought in our lives is the most precious ever. Wonderful birthday my sweet baby! We love you!

Dear Baby sis,
Know that you have a big brother who you can rely on when someone tries to hurt you. Always remember, I have your back and I will never approve of any of your future suitors. Best birthday! Don’t grow up too fast!

Your cheeks as soft as snow, your hair as fluffy as a cloud, your smile twinkles like the stars, and your eyes are as bright as the sun. Such a beautiful angel that God has blessed me with. Best bday baby!

I never knew that I could experience so much happiness than I’ve ever did before. You have completely turned my world around in a beautiful way, my sweet angel. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

My love for you, sweet baby, will never run out like the ocean. My arms will keep you steady when you feel like falling apart. I will be there for you until stars stop shining. Best birthday, my little angel!

If I could promise you one thing, my little one, it will be to do my best to give you a good life you deserve. I love you always! Wonderful birthday!

You may not remember these words, but I know that it has taken root in your heart to sustain you in the many years to come. Always remember, I will never cease to love you. Not even for a second. You fought for your breath so that you could live and you have to grateful to the One who gave it. God will be your light when everything else breaks. Show your gratitude by being good to other. Happy bday, my sweet one!

Journey to the roads of your life with a grateful heart and you will not get lost! Happy bday sweetie!

May you bloom like the flowers in spring, may you gracefully open your wings like a butterfly and fly towards your dreams, and may you stay as strong and sturdy as tree no matter what storms may pass you. Wonderful birthday, my sweet baby!

You are someone I look forward to when I get home. I always anticipate your cute little stories about how your day went. I can see in your eyes the future I have always longed for. You are in front of me, my dream turned to reality. Best birthday baby!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

Birthday wishes for Toddle boy or girl

You are a special kid and I hope that your birthday is one that is filled with all of the special things that you love the most.

You deserve to have all of your family around you as you celebrate your birthday, and I hope that you have the kind of birthday that you will always remember.

You are growing up each day, and I hope that this birthday is one that celebrates all of the changes that you have made in your life in the past year.

You are a kid who I am proud to know, and I hope that your birthday is one that is all about you.

Kids like you deserve to have birthdays that are full of color and fun and good things… may your birthday be a special one.

Kids like you grow up too fast and are not celebrated enough. I hope that your birthday is all about you, and that you enjoy this day very much!

Birthday Wishes For Toddler
Birthday Wishes For Toddler

As people get older, they gain the respect of the people around them. I just wanted to let you know that today, on your birthday, I have all the respect in the world for you.

On your birthday, we ask that you kindly act your age – not your shoe size. Thanks!

You deserve a birthday that is fun, a birthday that is happy, and I hope that is exactly what you get!

You are a kid who is always looking out for others, and I hope that you are able to celebrate your birthday in a special way.

You are a kid who is always giving to others, and I hope that you receive every gift you could ever want on this birthday.

Kids like you are loved so much, and I hope that this birthday is one that shows you just how much you are loved.

May you be celebrated on this birthday of yours, as you are a kid who is worthy of much celebration!


The conclusion of this article is that their parents had been memorable memories of their child with them which they had been shown to their child when they grow up in the form of snaps and videos. Parents always doing that thing which have been good for their children. Thank you for reading this hope you are fine.

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